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Learning in the Lakes

Covid-19 Update

From Tuesday 24 March, we will be open for vulnerable learners and children of key workers only.

We would like to thank everyone for their continued support and feedback.

We are keen to help on practical issues through the online lessons and packs which have already been made available via our team members and their daily contact with you will continue throughout this crisis – BUT we would also like to reassure students and parents to only do what’s practical and take one day at a time.

Keeping safe and well and looking after everyone in our community takes priority!


We are now offering more vocational areas of study


Land Based 

Motor Vehicle

Outdoor Education

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SwitchED 2 is a differentiated learning experience for those who struggle with mainstream schooling or a regular learning environment.

We are located within the Lake District close to 2 other counties, North Yorkshire and Lancashire, and are surrounded by hills, woodlands and the Kent Estuary.

SwitchED 2 is a small learning environment with a maximum of 8 pupils per day. This enables us to deliver high quality care and education to a small group of pupils.

The delivery of education is primarily done through practical activities and offers a holistic, caring and supportive learning environment.

We seek to work collaboratively with schools, local authorities, parents, care service, NHS and other agencies that support the development of young people.

At SwitchED 2 we offer a wide range of practical activities including animal care, catering, design technology and land based studies. Using the daily farm routines as a practical learning environment we are able to motivate, inspire and deliver an holistic approach.

We are equipped to deliver an excellent learning experience for young people, whose needs are developing, within a homely classroom environment. These practical activities will be evidenced and mapped out alongside the national curriculum subjects that are being taught in mainstream education.

All subjects will be assessed and progress tracked in accordance with average point scores which can then be translated to individual school progress and monitoring policies.

Practical outdoors

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Utilising the coast


Taking advantage of the landscape