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Switch 2 Motor Vehicle

Skills for Further Learning

Level 1

Unit Title

Y/506/0661 Developing Own Interpersonal Skills

F/504/1064 Being a Responsible Employee

T/504/8727 Customer Service

J/504/8487 Health and Safety Awareness in a Working Environment

M/506/0083 Health and Safety in a Practical Environment

F/504/8858 Health, Safety and First Aid at Work

T/506/3132 Numeracy for the Workplace

L/504/8815 Pay and Payslips

D/503/9228 Preparation for Work

L/503/4897 Recognising and Respecting Diversity in the Workplace

R/503/4897 Responsible Work Practice

J/506/3636 Understanding Employment Rights, Contracts and Pay

F/504/6317 Using ICT in the Workplace

F/505/1775 Welcoming Visitors

H/506/0730 Building A Personal Career Portfolio

Y/503/5209 communication Skills in Preparation for Work

R/501/5847 Interview Skills

J/506/0736 Job Seeking Skills

L/504/8667 Preparation for a recruitment Interview

F/504/8813 Body image

A/505/0821 Budgeting

A/504/7689 Communication Skills for Group and Teamwork

J/506/0560 Developing Skills for Independent Life

T/504/8274 Improving Own Confidence

A/504/8826 Personal and Interpersonal Conflict

K/504/8837 Personal Awareness

J/504/8640 Personal Confidence

J/504/7792 Personal Development

R/504/8640 Personal Finances

T/504/8839 Personal Relationship

H/506/3255 Automotive Foundation Skills

F/505/0092 Checking and Maintaining Car Wheels and Tyres

D/506/3190 Health and Safety Practices in Vehicle Maintenance

L/501/7015 Introduction to Battery and Lighting Systems

D/506/3254 Introduction to Compression Ignition Fuel Systems

Y/602/0011 Introduction to Low Carbon Technologies in the Automotive Industry

K/505/0605 Introduction to Motor Vehicle Maintenance and Repair

L/501/7013 Introduction to Motorcycle Maintenance

F/501/7013 Introduction to Spark Ignition and Compression Ignition Fuel Systems

M/501/7024 Introduction to Vehicle Exhaust Systems

R/501/7016 Introduction to Steering and Suspension

D/501/7018 Introduction to Vehicle Inspection

J/501/7014 Introduction to Vehicle Transmission Systems

J/501/7028 Introduction to Vehicle Valeting

M/504/8578 Maintaining a Wheeled Vehicle for Personal Use

R/505/0145 Replacing Cycle Brake Assemblies

Y/506/3253 Simple Paint Spraying Processes

T/505/4401 Checking and Maintaining Car Tyre Pressures and Tread

F/505/1923 Introduction to Motor Vehicle Maintenance and Repair



As there are a wide range of generic units more specific units can be added to further tailor individual needs such as literacy, numeracy and independent living.

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